excellentThe Airports Centre of Excellence (ACoE) was launched by Lion & Gazelle Ltd in 2017. Lion & Gazelle has been successfully providing process improvement and project management services to a wide range of airports and other industries since 2009. Over this period, the aviation sector and airports (in particular) have experienced significant change with increased passenger numbers across the board, the growth in customer expectations, new technology innovation, not to mention the drive for sustainability and the ever-changing security requirements and regulations. All of which are forecast to continue in the foreseeable future.

The Airport Eco-System is a large scale and complex environment with a significant number of different Stakeholders involved in its smooth operation. These range from the airport itself to airlines, air traffic control, immigration, ground handlers, catering, refuelling, retailers and a vast array of suppliers underpinning every business or government agency.

For the operation to run smoothly every day these organisations need to work together and collaborate effectively to deliver the basic premise of an airport. This is to ensure that passengers (and their bags) can arrive at the airport, navigate their way to the aircraft and depart safely and on time. However, if things don’t go to plan, manage the situation and minimise the impact of any disruption on the passenger and other airport stakeholders. Processes underpin every activity that takes place in and around the airport, and as things change, the processes need to be refined or improved to adapt to the changing environment. Over and above this there is also a continual drive to become ever more efficient and deliver better performance without increasing costs.

What is the Airport Centre of Excellence and why is it needed?

The Airports Centre of Excellence’s vision is to grow and develop a membership of airports, airlines, suppliers and strategic partners. Together members of the AoCE can collaborate and develop airport “Excellence” processes that are world class in terms of “Passenger Experience”, while at the same time delivering an improved “Operational” and “Financial” performance.

This Centre of Excellence is the first organisation of its kind and a go-to point for the development and deployment of best practices in airport-related processes. Building on our significant experience and success in developing and implementing Process and Technology solutions within airports our aim is to identify operational and technological issues facing airports and develop innovative solutions, as well as undertaking research and analysis projects based on the Lean Six Sigma methodology for the benefit of our members.

ACoE will also facilitate the exchange of ideas by providing opportunities for thought leadership and collaborative thinking. More formally, it will facilitate interaction between airports and potential suppliers where they come together commercially to solve problems and exploit opportunities.

Areas of Focus

ACoE has a focus on 5 areas of the airport business:

  1. Operations
  2. Commercial
  3. Back Office
  4. Technology
  5. Development


For the 5 areas listed above, ACoE provides the following 8 services:

  1. Target Operating Models (TOM)
  2. Transformation Projects
  3. Innovation
  4. Research
  5. Performance Benchmarking
  6. Training
  7. Events
  8. Market Place


ACoE brings together a wealth of experience and considerable expertise in working within the airport environment across the whole spectrum of airport functions. We work with a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and key suppliers who themselves are airport specialists to deliver process improvements, new and Innovative technology solutions, which transform the airport operation.

As part of the Airport Centre of Excellence management framework, we are engaging with key senior airport community stakeholders to sit on an ACoE Steering Group and assist in; setting the direction for key ACoE excellence projects, identify focus areas for the airport community and provide oversight and independent assurance for the ACoE initiatives.