With a focus on process excellence, the ACoE will be carrying out and developing research Papers for key areas within the airports eco-system. They will cover areas such as operational, commercial, & back office capabilities including the wider support functions such as IT and the wider supply chain. The research will be aimed at developing industry insights on important topics that effect the whole eco-system using Lean Six Sigma analysis techniques on our extensive airport expertise.

Areas of Focus

research and analysisACoE focus for Research:

  • Vision and strategy papers
  • Operational research and white papers
  • Development of processes and services
  • Innovation
  • Future impacts on airport operations
  • Data modelling


The ACoE will develop a roadmap of process improvement areas based on member feedback, and we will conduct research in to key business areas based on current market and industry trends.

Conducting process focused “research” in to specific areas of interest such as:

  • Key operational problem areas
  • Impacts of disruptive technological innovation
  • Future airport operating models and the impact of innovation
  • Passenger behaviours
  • Data modelling and benchmark research

Members can also commission the ACoE to conduct specific research projects covering areas that are important to them or those areas that are creating operational or financial challenges. If several members have similar “challenge” areas, then a joint research project can be commissioned and the results shared to the relevant members.


ACOE brings extensive experience and expertise in the completion of research projects across the airport eco-System and engagements will be delivered by industry experts who have had several years of experience covering many aspects of the airport operation.