innovation changeAirports are a microcosm in an industry sense with a very complex interplay of services, geared towards meeting the needs and expectations of a widely increasing global customer base. The airport eco-system provides a huge number of ‘touchpoints’ or ‘moments of truth’ , not just with the ultimate customer i.e. the passengers, but also a whole range of touchpoints where there are interdependencies between the various players – airlines, ground handlers, government, construction, technology vendors – to name a few.

While the surging demand is welcomed, everyone including passengers are constantly making decisions based on ‘value’. Regardless of whether the above interactions are B2B or B2C, each party wants to have an economically profitable exchange and experience through the consumption of goods and services. This is where innovation comes in to systematically analyse the touchpoints and develop solutions which deliver an enhanced customer experience and value all along the customer journey.

ACoE brings together insights and methodologies which allow the systematic deployment of innovation across the value chain. Usually, innovation is seen as isolated instances of inspiration but while it is good, it is not sufficient. A systematic approach to mapping the customer journey, understanding the touchpoints, unlocking value in each interaction and applying design thinking enables us to see the full impact of innovation.

Areas of Focus

innovationACoE has a focus on the following areas at airports:

  • Operations across the value chain
  • Commercial
  • Back office
  • Digital media
  • Passenger experience
  • Customer journeys


For the areas listed above, ACoE provides the following services:

  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Identifying areas for innovation
  • Developing innovative solutions
  • Testing new solutions
  • Implementing innovation


ACoE brings together experience and understanding of airports processes and potential areas where innovation can be applied. ACoE works with many organisations in order to capture and test the latest innovative ideas in the airport industry.