Benchmarking Performance

benchmarkingA number of ‘league tables’ already exist in the airports and more widely in the aviation industry and it would be futile to try and replicate them. There is however one aspect that is often missed, which is “value”. The value is not just comparing one airport to another but indeed how the performance compares on a truly ‘world class’ basis regardless of industry. This is where ACoE comes in.

Our focus is to look at ways to improve performance to benchmark standards (Six Sigma) with regard to customer needs and expectations, irrespective of where the competition is. We combine this with our approach to innovation and process benchmarking, not just results. In doing so, we look for solutions not just from within the industry but also from outside, from other industries which have successfully deployed ‘truly innovative and world class’ processes, therefore setting a new benchmark.

Areas of Focus

ACoE’s focus areas for Performance Benchmarking are:

  • Quantifying customer requirements
  • Identifying and developing metrics and scorecards
  • Process benchmarks
  • Improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean and Theory of Constraints


For the areas listed above, ACoE provides the following services:

  • Conducting benchmarking for airports
  • Developing, implementing and embedding an integrated set of metrics and scorecards
  • Identifying, scoping and implementing focused projects to help move performance to the next level


ACoE resources have excellent and proven credentials in the area of developing measurements to assess performance, followed by helping airports set up the right projects in order to move them closer to the benchmark levels of performance. We also work with other industries enabling us to bring a set of innovative ideas to improve performance at airports and help in the cross-pollination of best practice methods and techniques.