Market Place

How many times have we seen companies make bad purchasing decisions due to the lack of information about the credibility, track record of potential suppliers or about how their products and services can really perform in the real world? When buying physical products online Amazon has set the benchmark, with detailed information and buyer feedback ratings helping to inform our decisions. We believe that buying services or products as Business to Business (B2B) service should be as simple with detailed seller information that enables choice and provides confidence. That is why the The Airports Centre of Excellence (ACoE) has developed the Market Place, which is focused on the Airport Eco-System.

The ACoE provides a unique platform for member airports to search a directory of suppliers who provide services to airports and the wider eco-system. We will be introducing an ACoE Accreditation process to help you identify the credibility and track record of the suppliers delivering in to airports and allowing you to engage with confidence and shorten the Pre Qualifying questionnaire (PQQ) process.

We will be offering ACoE Suppliers the ability to showcase their products and services to our airports members to provide industry insights in to new products and services entering in to the market place.

Areas of Focus

The Focus of the MarketPlace is to link airports with credible and proven suppliers

Airports access to specialist airport suppliers:

  • ACoE member airports have the ability to search our Directory of member suppliers who provide services to the airport community
  • With our Accreditation Process and Customer feedback forums you can engage with confidence and reduce the procurement cycle by avoiding or minimising the pre-qualification process

Suppliers access to airports:

  • ACoE member suppliers are invited to showcase and promote their products and services on the ACoE website to all registered members
  • Access to member airports tenders published through the Shared Member area


Members of ACoE will have access to the following services via a portal:


  • Search for suppliers from the ACoE directory
  • Identify Suppliers from products or services required
  • Manage the publication of Request for Proposals (RFP’s) to suppliers
  • See Supplier ratings and track record for delivering products and services


  • Showcase and promote products and services directly to the airport community
  • Publish information on products and services
  • Publish case studies of industry insights on products and services
  • Access to published tenders from the airport community


Having worked as a supplier to many airports as well as working as embedded members of airport teams both from a procurement perspective and as a delivery partner, we have a unique insight in to what airports require from their supply chain, including the obvious capability requirements to specific areas such as how suppliers demonstrate positive behaviours and values that support the airport vision and need for collaboration.

By creating the ACoE Accreditation Process we aim to provide airports with a simple way to assess suppliers against the key data points and engage with them, secure in the knowledge that they meet or exceed the level of service and or quality required for them to work in or around the airport.