Azinq becomes a member of the Airports Centre of Excellence

Azinq becomes a member of the Airports Centre of Excellence

ACoE continues to build up it’s membership and will work with Azinq (and other members) to provide innovative and world class solutions for airport operations and improving passenger experience.

Azinq is a niche consultancy that provides knowledge and guidance to airports, ground handlers and airport business partners as they replace, change and upgrade systems including Passenger Processing Systems (CUTE/CUPPS) and Airport Management Systems (AODB, FIDS, RMS, HRMS, Information Broker, Aeronautical Billing etc.). Azinq have in-depth functional, technical and business knowledge of Airport Systems, backed by technical IT backgrounds with a consultancy grounding.

Throughout their careers they have delivered and designed mission critical Airport Systems into over 70 airports across the UK, Europe, Africa, UAE, Asia and the US; ranging from regional to hub airports.

Their past experience in UK airports comprises of delivering systems into most of the top UK airports, including Manchester Airport Group and the former BAA airports including Southampton Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport, Aberdeen Airport, London Stansted Airport and London Heathrow Airport

Azinq provides unique organisational value with a strong technology foundation and a thorough understanding of the airport domain. Azinq’s sole focus is to support their customers in achieving business success through IT transformation.