Creative Tension joins the Airports Centre of Excellence (ACoE)

Creative Tension joins the Airports Centre of Excellence (ACoE)

Creative Tension becomes the latest company to join the Airports Centre of Excellence (ACoE). ACoE will work with Creative Tension (and other members) to provide innovative and world class digital solutions for airport operations and improving the passenger experience. The recently launched ACoE continues to build its community of members.

Creative Tension is a mobile measurement and workflow software solution provider. They SOLVE the problem of time-consuming use of paper checklists and spreadsheets with a real time digital measurement and workflow application.

Creative Tension help you measure any part of the service delivery chain of an AIRPORT –assisting management teams move from REACTIVE processes to PROACTIVE responses. They measure the PRESENT to improve the FUTURE of the Airport’ service delivery and its value proposition.

Creative Tension provide an intuitive real-time measurement and workflow platform [THE TOOLBOX] that is smart, configurable and seamless. It helps you gather, measure, share and process information in a way that leads to intelligent actions which impacts on the performance of management teams, improving both the customer experience and their engagement at your Airport.

The digital solution and its tools [APPLICATIONS] are deployed throughout the value chain of an airport from Landside to Airside taking measurement mobile, with real time action, and real time improvement. The digital solution and application can integrate into your current system as they “play nicely with others” as they focus on making software user friendly and inexpensive.

Creative Tension are a team of radical innovators and digital solution providers that are obsessed with measurement and workflow and how this impacts on management; they believe that the pen and paper is the enemy and that SLA’s and SOP’s are passive documents that need to be activated. They live in the world of “REAL TIME” and take pride in the fact that their measurement and workflow platform provide practical management tools that lead to continual improvement!

The CEO and Innovative Maverick, Warren Swart said; “our team spends their time finding ways to make you and your team smarter and we simply love the airport space, where we have a number of solution partners’.