joins the ACoE joins the ACoE

The Airports Centre of Excellence (ACoE) is pleased to announce that the award winning has become a member. have an innovative, flexible, intuitive software platform developed by a dynamic team in partnership with aviation experts.
Through self funding, investment and government grants, they have developed an exciting and ground breaking suite of reporting tools, collectively called The product focuses upon solving operational reporting challenges, like these found in these regulated and compliance critical areas of the airport:
Airfield Security: Airside Patrols, Crash Gate Patrols, ID Checks, Vehicle Permit Checks & Search Logs, CP Boundary Patrols, Incident Reports etc.
Terminal CS & H&S: Check-in Desk, Terminal Lounge, Gate & Airbridge H&S Inspections, Toilet Checks, Risk Assessments, Snow & Ice automated decision matrix, Gritting Reports, PRM Compliance, Waste Compactor Check, Service Yard Inspections etc.
Terminal Security: Landside Patrols, Machine Checks, Lane Inspections, STEBS & Knife Log Checks, CP Door Checks, Staff Training & Observations etc.
Airfield Operations & Airport Control Centre: High Power Engine Run Approval Process, Aircraft Self Manoeuvre Request, Turnaround Audit, Stand Inspection, Wildlife Observation, Wildlife Dispersal Logs, Vehicle Speed Checks, Runway Inspections, First Aid Response Log, Airfield Safeguarding etc.
The ACoE are looking forward to working with on innovative solutions for airports.